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Peep-In The Clowns (Author's in)

Well...The story specifies noone ...I just started writing it and it continued...

A real life that every human being on earth would lead at school age and yes..'t is different and lotta experiences and lotta negative aspects and ofcourse positive aspects of school and the so called age-things...

The story liberates the life I had and ofcourse my mates had in HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL, I've started writing my story like 2 years back. Nothin more to tell, You readers decide!!

A different Trinity Life- The clowns



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My story would never be in a complete state without the help of my diary which I've started writing and collecting like ages.

Secondly I would like to thank all my friends and people and my family members who have been keen in motivating and encouraging me in penning down the story.

Thirdly I would like to shake hands with few of my class mates and my close friends who have helped me out reminding me the incidents and perfections of the story.

Then it comes Mr.Bill Gates who have created MS Office which I've opted for writing my Novel.

Finally the great Blogger website which is being helping me out in publishing my post and putting my blog into several search engines and making a perfect clear updation and clarity criteria.

Prologue I

I had never been in this situation; I kind of feel like all avoiding me. I lost my friends, I lost everyone who were dear to me, all this is due to my optimistic character that I had last year, I was just caring about her and not my friends, that was siddhu too told me, I only wanted her and I didn’t even think about my dear ones but she didn’t cared about me, what she cared was to irritate me and make me jealous and possessive for the love I gave her, I was not like this, I was never. I had lots of friends and I been cared by lots and trusted by everyone, I was very cool and very happy with what I was and suddenly that happened and ruined my life, I should have heard what she said.

But I understood and I have changed myself into a new man and I did it, I have did that I been planning to do even though it hurts, I was ok when it’s done……

Prologue II (The Present)

I have never been into an hospital with such a situation that drove my mind nuts. I can still feel my hand shivering and I remember Emil shivering too with the blood spots on his palm. We two were running like mad monkeys hunting for bananas and Vj was serious enough that would lead him to casket and Adit was in the middle of Death and Life. The Stupid Cops took the bike too and luckily dad was away but the next few minutes will decide the fate of Vj and Adit……

My Story never specifies anything, actually I don’t know where to begin with and I can assure the parental content of these nuts’ story is true, the story is about Years in School.

Before I start, let me tell you, School Life is meant for studies and not for freaking out like.......

For the fresh Readers


The previous chapters are below and Do not get confused reading the fresh chapter if you are a newbie reader, Just scroll down so that you can see the previous one which you have missed out....


Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter VI Judgement Day

The results were out of the ninth, I hate the system in our school. On the result day we have to go with our parents to get the results. In the school class teachers would be waiting in the respected classes like the judge in the court who has accepted the bribe from our parents to give us the life imprisonment and death. From the night before the result itself we won’t sleep and will be thinking about the results and comments of the teachers tomorrow. Everyone in the class like Sneha, a tall slim figure whose lips has been altered after an operation, belongs to a Brahmin caste, Dhanya, a short slim figure who wear dresses that guys die to see on girls with, these two are top rankers in the class, there are lot more but I don’t want to bore you people off after all it is about our school life. The Top rankers are always given the position of the god in the school by our teachers and the great principal, a tall fat figure in dark beard that covers almost every inch of his face and wears the history suits and a bold looking who always talk rules and discipline and we being his main eatables like to screw us for silly and small stuff.
The top rankers do not sleep in the previous day thinking about how much high they score but we low pointers get worried as if we will pass or not. That’s the main difference between the gods and goddesses of our school and us guys.
So that day, on morning say like 9 I called up vasu.
“Hey man it’s me Ijas, when you going to collect the result man? You go with your parents?” I asked him as I and my dad would be going to collect the results.
“Yes bro, I will be going to the school after my dad gets here from the meeting” He said and kept the phone after us hi fived.
Vasu’s dad is in politics and he is in a good position at his place. So, my ass friend can do whatever he wants there. So after I called up vasu, I go and took a shower as my father was ready, I need to dress up soon, I felt like running nude to school and collect the stuff as I am really tensed about the results.
“You going to come or what, I am leaving ok?” Dad yelled as he has a gas trouble after a heavy meal.
“Dad…just a se….” When I tried to say something, “Ok! Go and change soon, it’s getting late” he interrupted and told me.
I hurried and changed out, I wore a black full shirt and blue jeans. From the way of his speaking itself I know he was really tensed as well as my mom, I have noticed her hands were shivering when she was handing over my ironed dress, because both of them know about their great son’s knowledge.
We reached the hell by 11 am and I really didn’t have the guts to go into the class. I came to know that our results were handing over from class 12th on the ground floor.
When I and my father entered the class there our class teacher were sitting, Shoba Rani teacher, an average fairish dark with perfect shapes and cuts which honestly sometimes made us to stare at her, she was our biology teacher and they way she put her dress really troubled us.
“Come in Mr. Bava and how are you Ijas?” she investigated as if she was handling some serious rape case.
‘Please teacher spit it out, Am I passed or am I failed? Tell me now’
I was sitting there as my ass was on fire. Finally dad asked me whether I have done it or I have flushed the toilet without the water.
“Well, He is passed; His results are not too bad too. Ijas, you should concentrate more next year ok? , it is the year that decides your destiny and fate” She Growled as if she was acting like a heroine in a sub actress role.
My dad has a habit, whenever he comes to the school, he want to screw himself by seeing the principal. That day too we went there and that man has told my dad about my character and friendship is the main thing I am getting diverted from studies and stuff like that, I really that him and once if I get a chance I surely will pee on his head and I am sure each student is thinking like that, he is the one who destroys the family’s happiness and he is the one who divert a child’s mind from his talents. Fuck him, obviously fuck him.
After the meeting with the principal, my dad bought books, ordered uniforms and bought socks and such stuff from the store. It is our principal’s idea that if the store is kept inside the school, he can suck all parents’ blood by digging their safe box to the maximum. ...

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